Kasvuryhmä is a non-profit movement for Finnish scaleups. Scaleups are companies with more than 10M€ turnover, who are taking steps for their next growth leap on global markets.

Scalep companies have leaders that recognize the importance of transforming their business in favor of the current mega trends. This type of change takes courage and a leap of faith. Many Finnish companies have already long recognized their need to re-create themselves, but have been hoping for someone to exchange ideas, advice and experiences with in their efforts.

Kasvuryhmä was found when the most recognized business names in Finland recognized this need for collective wisdom. Kasvuryhmä allows sharing experiences in the spirit of peer-support and confidentiality: from an entrepreneur to an entrepreneur and from a leader to another leader.

Kasvuryhmä was found in 2015 with 87 members signing up for it. Today Kasvuryhmä has 187 scaleups, thus representing 7% of all mid-sized companies in Finland. Together Kasvuryhmä members have a turnover of 12B€.

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