What we do

Kasvuryhmä is not a consulting firm, a society, nor a club. It’s a practical way for an established entrepreneur or CEO to align their company into a path of growth.

How does Kasvuryhmä help its members pursue growth?

Kasvuryhmä bases its activities on 4 principles:

  1. Big goals, or the Outrageous Promise.

    Everything begins with ambitious goals. Without them, growth is just wishful thinking. In Kasvuryhmä, each member not only makes what we call an Outrageous Promise, which is an ambitious description of what their company will be in 2020, but also shares it with the group. This is a simple way to make the promise real.
  2. Peer pressure is king.

    Anyone working in the 2010’s business world knows that the most important things often get sidelined when operational hassle takes over. Kasvuryhmä is a forum that schedules growth into your calendar. This is how we turn talk into actions.
  3. Across industries.

    If we want to create unprecedented growth, we probably need to do something that hasn’t been seen before. Kasvuryhmä crosses the borders between industries and challenges the IT-companies and the construction companies to learn from each other.
  4. Sharing the experience.

    There is no need to reinvent the wheel and repeat each other’s mistakes. Kasvuryhmä puts experience-based knowledge into good use -- from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, from executive to executive.

What do we actually do at Kasvuryhmä?

Kasvuryhmä’s activities take 3 forms:

1. Peer-to-peer teams: Which business are you really in and what are you aiming to achieve?

Five times a year Kasvuryhmä members meet up in groups of 15-25 to support, coach, and challenge each other’s growth plans. The meetings are confidential, and operate under Chatham House rules.

At these meetups, members communicate their challenges to each other with standard growth plans. The plans focus on where the business is now, where it’s going and how to get there. 

2. Kasvuryhmä evening gatherings: The freshest perspectives on the biggest themes of growth

Four times a year all Kasvuryhmä members gather together to unpack and disassemble bigger themes -- ones that affects every company in pursuit of growth. Thus far discussions have centered on themes such as megatrends as growth enablers, the role of imitation as a component of global growth stories, cultures of growth, acquiring world-class talent, and brand building.

3. Experience Exchange platform: Eliminating bottlenecks from the sharing of operative know-how

When executing their growth plans, Kasvuryhmä members face obstacles, roadblocks and critical decisions. In solving these, they may use the Experience Exchange platform to find and reach out to other members who have experiences in the challenges at hand. Whether the problem is about scaling a service business, venturing into the Canadian market or improving executive board operations, someone will be able to share their tips and pointers and help you forward.

Testimonials from our members

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Growth stories

Founding member and member of the board Aaro Cantell talks about his leadership philosophy, the founding of Kasvuryhmä and why letting go is sometimes vital.

“I learned the value of hard work from my father”, says CEO of Kokkikartano Kati Rajala, to whom Kasvuryhmä feels like home.

“This is kind of like conducting an orchestra,” says CEO Mika Tanner, whose company Bilot is on its way to outrageous growth. But how to create a culture of growth?

“My options were to either add control, or add freedom,” comments chairman of the board and “head coach” of Saalasti on the bottlenecks of growth.

“We thought about where to take this 30 person accounting firm next”, recalls Asko Schrey, CEO of Accountor, when discussing plans made 15 years ago. Accountor now employs 2300 people – dreams have carried them a long way, and the journey is only beginning.

“I am ready to take the risk which could at worst eat away a year’s worth of profit”, says Jarkko Veijalainen of his rule of thumb.