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Kasvuryhmä is a community of enterprises with a total turnover of between €10 million and €1 billion, whose members help each other grow into success stories that are capable of transforming the world. The community’s meetups are based on bold goals, sharing experiences, selfless support and positive energy. From day one, the aim of Kasvuryhmä has been to help Finnish companies grow, innovate and become more international in order to improve Finland’s well-being as a whole. Kasvuryhmä's new strategy sets out how we can further increase the effectiveness of the community’s actions.

Before looking deeper into the strategy, it is important to consider why we want to grow in the first place. Firstly, growth allows for larger acts. When a company grows, it is easier to engage in acts that will make the world a better place. Growth enables a company to fulfil its aims. Why does a certain company exist and what change does it want to bring about in the world? Companies can make the world a better place even on a global scale. Change spreads through companies!

Secondly, growth guarantees the well-being of people and society. Growth inspires people! Innovation and success make people excited, creating a spiral of positivity. Certain values associated with growth, such as courage and curiosity. People want to do something meaningful and move forward in life. When you want to change the world in your own field and do something significant that you can be proud of, the leaders in your field will also want to be part of it. As companies, being able to inspire people is the most important thing.

Growth is less of a risk than staying still. Bold developments help a company grow. And we all know what happens if a company doesn’t grow. The pursuit of growth creates a culture where the entire personnel of a company start thinking about how things could be done even better. Kasvuryhmä’s Bold Promise symbolises much more than just money. It is a promise that together we will make the world a better place and at the same time increase well-being in Finland.





Kasvuryhmä is a community where companies work and take growth leaps together. From next year onwards, the Kasvuryhmä team will promote three growth projects together with their members to boost the community’s effectiveness:

  • Goal-oriented community: There are about 250 growth leaders in the Kasvuryhmä community who are working together in order to grow, innovate and promote internationalisation. Our goal-oriented community growth project will ensure that Kasvuryhmä members meet in the right kind of peer groups and one-to-one meetings where they can focus on specific growth levers to accelerate their company’s growth.
  • Open growth playbook: There are no predefined textbooks for teaching medium-sized companies how to grow and internationalise. However, at the Kasvuryhmä community meetings, members exchange several books’ worth of experiences and lessons each year. We will continue to document our experiences and insights, and together we will start writing an open guidebook for growth aimed at achieving success for all Finnish companies.
  • The growth ecosystem: We are more likely to succeed when working together than on our own. At Kasvuryhmä, companies can identify and enter into partnerships with other companies to build growth leaps together.

Growth projects


At Kasvuryhmä, we believe and work towards creating an era of thriving growth companies in Finland. We will fight against recessions with a subsidiary economy. Let’s harness our collective know-how and work together to promote Finland’s well-being.

There are some immensely brave people in Finland with a mind-blowing amount of experience, with just the right amount of playfulness and a great selfless attitude. These people are growth leaders who play a significant role in building Finland's future. Only 1% of all companies in Finland are medium-sized, but they are in a position to influence a quarter on Finland's future. Together we can do great things!


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