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Method for Growth and Renewal


The Kasvuryhmä team uses certain concepts and tools to support the journey of growth leaders. The method used by Kasvuryhmä is based on a common language that allows the growth leaders of different sized companies at different stages to discuss growth possibilities.


The method has been designed to facilitate and systematise the setting as well as monitoring of growth goals. At Kasvuryhmä, we have more than 200 different types of companies - To effectively exchange experiences, our members benefit from a common language to talk about growth and strategy - that is our method for growth and renewal.


The method is based on a couple of principles - please consider how the key elements are present in your company at the moment. Have we jointly defined the elements for us and how are we applying them in everyday life?


Method for Growth and Renewal


Kasvuryhmä method is built on the following principles

Principle 1: Growth is vital for enabling companies to keep up with the changing world. Companies have enormous transformative power - and those with a bold growth attitude can change the world.
If the world is ever going to be a better place than it is today - it is the companies who are going to make the change. Companies like the ones at Kasvuryhmä. As Peter Diamandis states “The world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities” - and we believe - that those who have a passion for growth will be able to solve these.


  • Therefore, we challenge our members to define a purpose for their company. Purpose reflects the reason why the company exists and what kind of change it wants to make in the world. A clear purpose is a foundation for sustainable growth and inspires us to make a difference for the common good.
  • Secondly, it all starts with ambitious goals. Teresa Kemppi-Vasama from Kemppi Group has stated: An organisation cannot challenge itself and think big - without setting a courageous goal. Aaro Cantell, father of Kasvuryhmä, always states: more of the same is not enough - but growth is a result of continuous renewal. 
Principle 2: Growth comes from sources of growth - a systematic search for new opportunities and seizing those opportunities.

Passion alone is not enough - to succeed in growth and innovation - you also need to recognize and seize the sources for growth


  • As a leader you need to continuously search for new opportunities, ideas, innovations - and you need to evaluate them systemically. We call these identified ideas growth initiatives.
  • Only the most promising initiatives will be selected to become invested growth projects. Growth project is an organised form to implement the initiative. It can be a program, a team or a unit within the company - but it always is organised, scheduled and resourced - and systematically led. 
  • Even when this simplification between growth initiatives and projects might seem to be a no-brainer, we have noticed that it is not always the case. For example, quoting  Mikko Nyman, Fastems: “Separating initiatives from projects has been a remarkable finding to me. It is a great way to discuss ideas - are we just trying to seize the opportunity or does it already fulfil our requirements to become a growth project? This way we are actually enabling the project to succeed.”
Principle 3: Growth is accelerated in everyday life by breaking it down into clear goals and implementing and monitoring it systematically.


Third principle lies in the fact that growth is not something separate from everyday life. To accelerate growth, leaders need to break the courageous goal down into clear milestones for all individuals in the organisation and create a management system and culture that supports the implementation of the growth strategy.


  • In the Kasvuryhmä context we focus on your most important milestones - where do you need to succeed in to make the courageous goal reality? These milestones should also represent the concrete topics and themes we will discuss in this group. We also evaluate the progress towards achieving these with simple traffic lights every time we meet.

  • Bigger milestones consist of smaller ideas, thoughts and series of actions. In every meeting we dedicate time to reflect what each and everyone of us learned - what did you discover - what is your key takeaway… Based on your key takeaway we also expect that you set a concrete next action to expedite your company’s growth journey. 


In the Kasvuryhmä workspace, each member defines relevant concepts on their company’s growth cards according to the Kasvuryhmä method. Growth cards express the growth strategy of the member company by using Kasvuryhmä’s common language. Growth cards are used to spar with each other on our journey to growth. If they so wish, members can also utilise growth cards, for example, in their management team or board, or in communicating their growth strategy to personnel.

"Growth and innovation depend on us."

Aaro Cantell, Normet