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Kasvuryhmä was created in 2015 by 29 well-known Finnish business leaders, including Matti Alahuhta, Mika Anttonen, Risto Siilasmaa and Ilkka Paananen. The idea behind Kasvuryhmä was that by sharing authentic experiences, we can accelerate the growth of companies. Kasvuryhmä is made up of 250 leaders of medium-sized growth companies. These include CEOs, chairpersons and owners of companies with a turnover of between €10 million and €1 billion, who wish to grow and innovate their business.

In Finland, medium-sized companies (with a turnover of more than €10 million) account for only 1% of all Finnish companies, but they bring for almost a quarter of the total turnover of all Finnish companies and more than 20% of private sector jobs. Kasvuryhmä's peer-to-peer sparring is based on members openly sharing their experiences. Kasvuryhmä is a non-profit and non-commercial community which aims to accelerate growth, renewal and internationalisation of Finnish companies in order to improve Finland's well-being.

"In 2025, Kasvuryhmä members have accelerated the growth of their companies and generated total of €25 billion more revenue. In 2023, they have already generated €15 billion more."

The Bold Promise of Kasvuryhmä





In Kasvuryhmä, courage refers to an ambition to innovate, grow and aim high. Courage is reflected in Bold Promises, rigorous choices, and shocking openness among peers.



Kasvuryhmä takes its work seriously without being serious. Playfulness means that we encourage for experimentation and throwing yourself into situations with a future oriented enthusiastic attitude.



Kasvuryhmä members are selfless and genuine when helping each other. Kasvuryhmä members have come together to create something bigger than themselves. Selflessness comes across in gratitude and the desire to encourage one’s peers to grow and innovate.





Kasvuryhmä members share their experiences openly. Growth and innovation are approached in a practical way through looking for solutions. Experiences are reflected in shared stories, everyday examples, and vivid insights.



It never ceases to surprise how openly experiences are shared in a climate of trust at every Kasvuryhmä peer-to-peer meetup. Meetings provide moments of sharing and at the same time  places to tangibly clarify growth strategies. It is the spirit of Kasvuryhmä that all those present are valued as equal entrepreneurs and leaders. Nobody assumes that they know what others need to do to succeed, but sharing experiences encourages new insights. In the words of the founding members of Kasvuryhmä: ‘You can learn from the experiences of growth of others and share your own experiences in return!’


Implementing a strong vision requires peer-to-peer sparring and new insights along the way. Kasvuryhmä acts as a concrete forum for its members, who have the possibility to focus on growth and innovation at a time and place that are specifically reserved for this purpose. Peer-to-peer sparring is based on the Kasvuryhmä method for growth and renewal which facilitates and systematises the setting and monitoring of growth targets. In addition to new ideas, peer-to-peer sparring in Kasvuryhmä brings other members’ experiences and confidence into one’s own growth management choices.


Kasvuryhmä aims to utilise the potential of every Finnish company to develop and improve in order to succeed in the world. Companies that boldly invest in growth and understand the mechanisms of growth are the key to Finland's well-being. Finland's competitive advantage is built on openness and a strong community spirit, which promotes fast learning. Together we can help each other grow and the whole of Finland to succeed!