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Growth enables larger acts - Kasvuryhmä´s strategy 2022-2025

Kasvuryhmä is a community of enterprises with a total turnover of between €10 million and €1 billion, whose members...

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Growth companies are building Finland's future

Many companies are currently growing fast. High demand particularly in the industrial sector has become apparent and...

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From growth seeds to the successful implementation of growth projects

In the spring of 2021, Kasvuryhmä was focusing on growth seeds, namely on how to systematically identify and process...

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Samu Hällfors, Framery: "Dedicated retailers as builders of international growth"

Framery is one of the most interesting internationally growing Finnish companies. Framery, a company that manufactures...

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Seppo Orsila, Modulight: “Finnish engineers have an advantage globally”

In recent years, Modulight has been receiving attention for its exceptionally high profits and promising growth...